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A friend of mine was writing about malapropism's today and it got me thinking about the things my family used to 'pick on' each other about. here is mine;

For years the joke was that I had dyslexia. I added words, skipped others out and spelt things wrong. (From became Frome) It wasn't hard to find where that came from, my mother had the same issue. My mother however felt that were I labelled with dyslexia, far from it enabling me to have specialised teaching and not feel like I were miles behind my peers, but she felt that it would hinder me, throw me on a waste heap and I would never work, marry or be of use to society and so during her lifetime I was never assessed.

Eight months following her passing in October 2004 I had a final in Research Methods and Statistics that made me want to put my head through a computer screen and the invigilator took me to one side and suggested that I were screened for dyslexia.

Off I toddled and into an assessment some 3 weeks later. 3.5 hours after walking in and in the midst of a pregnancy scare (No I wasn't, thank god) my ordeal of an assessment was finally over. The Educational Psychologist had made his determination, and a report sent off.

Two weeks later I was read the report. I apparently am an underachiever - I have an IQ of 124 two standard deviations above average and only 8 points shy of Mensa (bugger, I missed it) and there were THIRTEEN different markers for dyslexia - somehow during my twenty year educational career, at that point, they - literally all teachers, had missed this revelation!!!

Needless to say from and Frome are still jokes these days - my mothers dyslexia tell? She spelt Cornflakes Cronflakes, At least i know where I get that from. If only I knew where my blonde hair came from both parents and grandparents were brunettes or raven haired... that's a story for another day!


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