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So having a conversation with [ profile] shansgrl  WE start talking about what mind sluts we are (i.e. in our mind the men that given an infinite amount of time would not be able to walk for month after a few hours with us.)

BEWARE THIS IS AN IMAGE HEAVY POST OF DROOL WORTHY MEN. (Abucket will be provided, bring your own smelling salts!)

So following this I present you my list of must do men. (I admit it - I have a thing for Canadian men - seriously count them here. What do they feed these boys?)

1. Jamie Bamber 
Okay, since I met him I have had a thing about him or rather an amplified thing for him - it's not so much I would actually gun for him, nor have I schlepped this guy in my mind. I think I just have a mad hero worship thing going on. He was absolutely the sweetest guy, and is actually intelligent and I swear that is my turn on in a guy.


2. Callum Keith Rennie

Typically this Scots descendant is usually portrayed as a bad boy - but this particular actor sees himself more as someone with a past that he has worked to try to overcome. Over come it he has, there is something about him that makes me melt - first noticed in Due South I was reintroduced to him as the creepily sexy Leoben Conoy in Battlestar Galactica. 

3. Kris Holden-Reid

I only recently discovered this man and boy did I, one of the strongest actors in the Canadian Fae series Lost Girl I can actually say this man is hotter than hades! Also seen in the Tudors and a former pentathlete he is fit!! Also can this guy Lounge or what?

4. Nathan Fillion

I first saw this Canadian in Firefly and though yowzers and wowzers. I still am. I believe this next pic shows why;

And for those of you who like a face shot we have this (sorry he is clothed, but seriously MAN IN A FRAKKING SUIT!!)

5. Tahmoh Penikett

This man comes off as the most honourable sweet kind thoughtful, do-able men to walk the planet, he has a pair of eyes that gaze at you and for some reason this half First Nation, Half British Canadian reminds me of a bear, strong and protective. (Someone wrap me in his arms please!)

6. Christian Kane

Originally crushed on whilst he was playing his breakout role of Lindsay on Angel (Hey this girl is loyal to her crushes, within reason) he now plays the hitter on hit show Leverage and he is still increadibly gorgeous. And any man who can retain manliness whilst holding puppies gets me everytime mmmmmmm

7. Aaron Douglas

The Chief from Battlestar Galactica is now seen as "That asshole" (My own name) on Hellcats and Frank Leo on The Bridge - which is returning to Canadian Screens later this year/early next! I can not explain this crush, but in my head he seems like he'd be a good guy to date - fucked up I know, but as I said in the beginning this is fantasy you know!

8. Sergio di Zio

Yup, I am aware that most of my flist is not going to be fans of Flashpoint - and therefore are going to be missing out on this Italian muffin. I pity you, because over the course of three seasons I have developed a real thing for this guy - he and his geeky character could save me ANY DAY!

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