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Reuters article as appears on Yahoo

Okay so who really didn't see this one coming at 150mph down the highway really? I love the reviews where they say 'Britain's call them posh and becks we call them who?' But really it shows that the reviewers are American cause we mainly call them 'those tossers' really.

Victoria Beckham is a precocious, vapid, air-headed, narcissistic, rich wannabe something, though her acting is non existant, her singing is much the same and is known only for being so slim she could fit into her own children's clothing (I suppose it must cut costs down a little).

What I really want to know is why must the world become hyper-saturated with this woman, she lacks any real sense of style, she lacks any personality and is now becoming so used to the unnatural fishbowl of celebrity that she is recreating it in her own personal life. Is this the behavior of a woman with any sanity at all.

Understanding that she needs to make money (heaven knows her marriage is unlikely to survive the transition point of David's retirement) and that she lacks any personality or talent she is into exploiting her own life, but really how much more media saturation at the hands of a self publicist are we the viewers of many different media publications, going to have to endure?


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