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I got told months ago that the Master was coming back, but I was seriously not getting how the heck they were gonna pull it off. I like the fact that Martha recognises his voice, it is a HUGE tip off to something coming up. Namely the human race is going to become enslaved by a high power political member who we have now met before!!!

RTD has just proven that he can write worth shit, so what the hell is his excuse for some of the more wobbly of episodes that he wrote??? Hello New Earth as a season opener, well I am not a fan and in fact I avoid at all costs on the boxset I have!

I appreciated some of the flashbacks and neat cues back to the previous two seasons of the series. Confidential then went into who the master is to a degree. Captain Jack is back, at least on Dr Who, I am looking forward to his return to the Torchwood sets. He fit in quite well, but Martha's snippy comment  'Good old Rose.' In my opinion hurt our sympathy to the character, mostly because she has been written as a strong independant woman, and to undercut her by imposing childish jealousy was a bad move IMHO. I think her character would have been better served for her to have kept it quiet.

All in all it was a good episode and definately one of the better episodes and definately ramping up for the finale.

I do have a few questions though, who is the archangel, is he related to the creatures we saw in Blink (and since they have been dropping hints all through this season, I wouldn't put it past them) How does the Dr become captured by the Master and Are RTD & Co. actually ignoring the dire TV movie.


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