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This morning was slamming, there was the businesswoman in the black suit and high heeled black pumps that made him think that all she was missing was a whip and that maybe she had missed her calling as she barked her orders. There was the pimply boy who was looking for someone other than him to serve him and who was still hanging around – probably missing classes in the process – in the hopes of seeing the person he had come to see. There was the faceless, huddled hoard of business people and students that when the building was heaving and spilling its content of people Lee would never even remember their faces and the orders would fade from memory as soon as they were served. And whilst all of this was going on, he seethed that he and the new guy was left to deal with this tangled mass of humanity and she, she was late.

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 I'll apologise now for the lack of Photoshopped images - and for the fact this mix is only 8 tracks long. I have written an exposition as to how or why these lyrics fit for me, and how I feel they stood out for me. So without further ado here it is;

A Very Kara/Lee Fan Mix

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Fan Mix Listing and Link

Natalie Imbrugllia “Smoke”
Pink “Family Portrait”
Kelly Clarkson “Where is Your Heart”
Bjork “Play Dead”
Kelly Clarkson “Because of You”
Katy Perry “Hot 'n' Cold”
Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire”
Gavin Rossdale “Adrenaline”


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