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Well I am situated in Cardiff, land of Dr. Who. I am enjoying the time here, I spent Sunday sat in the finance centre of BBC Wales, Mark needed to find his air mattress stopper, he had been sleeping on the floor all weekend, whilst I was given his bed (I can't say this any better "Chivalry isn't dead, it is just in hiding.) On Saturday we went to Fairwarter Leisure Centre, for swimming, and went into town, I bought some flip flops (PINK!!) and then had dinner in the brewery quarter at our favourite eatery Nando's

|Sunday was spent walking to Mark's work in Llandaf, we spent an hour under the fans there as it hit the high 20's F so near enough the high 80's - who said the UK didn't do hot??? We then walked into Llandaf city centre (Its more of a town/village to me, but I think I am too used to big London living that perspective is a little askew. We grabbed lunch from a local spar and happily muched in on a little green, whilst dodging balls that some tourist kids were throwing (they were little and playing catch, I forbear) It was only after a while and Mark pointing it out that I was actually sat infront of the memorial that was shown in the episode preceeding Blink (Dr. WHo) 

I have to say it really did remind me of English country rural idyll, I wish, I really do, that we hadn't messed up England the way we have.

Monday - yesterday - well I had bills to pay and threfore went into town whilst Mark worked I had a bit of a tootle about and called an aunt and an Uncle to check how they were, before goign back to Llandaf and meeting Mark from work. We then went off and Shopped in Tesco's for food.  I will say one thing. I am really enjoying being here. It is so nice here!


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