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How do boyfriends ex-boyfriends at that slay me???

Me and Richard are friends and for once he didn't offer a buddy shag, cause ew, I am not into that sex with friends stuff. We actually had a reall good conversation. We talked about what we had of each others and when we would give it back and what had I been up to.

well to be honest long fucking answer made short a lot been out with Mark for the past four or more weeks twice a week as a friend, and have started fallling hard for him. Not especially hard, I mean he's cute and very funny and he knows I like him, but yeah, I haven't really said as much. OOOps

Anyhow this weekend we went to portsmouth all the way there which is 65 fucking miles from home he drove, all cause I had never been and thought it was ages away, which it is!!!

So I say this to Richard, my recently ex'd boyfriend and he simply says "Ask him out"

HE'S MY FUCKING EX-BOYFRIEND!!! They aren't supposed to say that!!!

Then he says, "I think he likes you."

Holy mother of god, her wacky nephwes and their incestuous daughters! Is he precient? Has he developed powers I know nothing of?? So yeah I ask how he knows, or rather what makes him think that.

"You guys go out a lot together." Ok thats to the point. And to be honest I get between the lines with this guy, he's saying he has to like you to see so much of you.

Just about all of my friends are telling me to ask the guy out. I can do it as friends, now its time to build I know that according to one friend I shouldn;t lose him cause of asking him out if our friendship is a good one.

Such a tangle web of intrigue I am.

Just how do boyfriends especially ex's do this and how do they see this shit?? Do ex's have a dot to dot book that adds up to your ex girlfriend has a thang for her friend and he fancies tha pants off her too! Tell her to shag him??? CAuse really I wanna know when I am getting mine about Richard!


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