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Well new years eve held a few firsts. First time I was in a crowd of 350,000 people, first time I was in London, first time I had met Mark's brother. I actually liked his brother he is actually a really nice guy a little to himself. but thats actually cool. Mark had won aroom at the merriot I believe it was in south Kensington but I could be wrong. We met up near to 6 grabbed stock and went fordinner. We wound up in the hell of a Mcdonalds. (I ended up feeling sick thanks to their food, apparently my body is not liking the fat content. Well thats fine I prefer other stuff not least jacet potatoes and salads :P)

We then at 8pm a full four hours posted our selves directly opposite the London Eye. We then waited for four hours, getting pushed and shoved by some ignorrant arrogant pricks who looked at me like I should die. any how lots of jerky elbow dancing (yes well nuff said) they fucked off and we got peeople we didn't mind.

By the time the fireworks began I had taken pictures of public school boys (boarding school for american's reading) andmy feet were nowout of their boots and socked and actually numb due to cold, a welcome relief from the pain they had been in I can say.

The fireworks themselves were amazing it started off with colours and lots of use of the London Eye and then little boats going across the river shooting rockets off. (How they never sunk would never know) then it went to the most lavish display of fireworks I have ever seen. There were rockets firing off, so many I couldn't count, and sprays of fireworks coming from the Eye and the boats and the south bank itself. It all added up to a cacophany of light and sound. And the most suptuous vista of the south bank enshrouded by gold glittering firework! And it wasn't over yet... not by a long shot.

They managed to better it with white fireworks each volley rivalling the blitzkreig of London circa 1940 light overwhelmed all, noise shuddered the ground beneath feet, rendering all slack jawwed with delight. Screams and whoops of delight abounded. The crowd heaved with collective joy. And still it wasn't over.

The final volly included colour and light and gold. A sight that was astounding, painful to the eyes and joyous to the heart. I need to do it again. This time I will wear trainers and not freaking hard soled boots.

We came back by tube, Mark and his brother got off at gloucester road and I continued to Wimbledon. (at this point mcdonalds caught up with me and nausea abounded.) I got to wimbledon, took a tram to West Croydon and a bus to Wallington, from there I caught a cab home. Thank god travel was free that night cause all I had to pay for was the double fare cab. All in all it was a wonderful night!


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