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I have decided that when I get my inheritance, I am going to spend a portion of it redesigning my house. I am going to put two things in my house. I am getting rid of 2 beds in my house and redesigning my home into Something better. This doesn't mean I am buying like there is no tomorrow. I basically have to replace these things. Both beds the mattresses are duds, with the metal springs poking through. The frames have also sunk mine is 20 years old, and I swear I jumped on that sucker in my 'I think I am Cher.' phase. And my parents were never very small and the frame has suffered a shit load of abuse.

So I am replaccing them with these;

This will go into my current room. I will be removing my book shelf and computer table and making it a guest room.

In what was my parents room I will be replacing their bed with;

 I will be getting rid of the boxes of books they have  (some of which will be making their way to ebay, it is always good to make money) and also the 21" television which was in our living room and was put in their room and also the media table that it stands on, some of the books there will also be going. I will then bring the dressing table along to the winndow, move the wardrobe up and put my computer table in the space between the wall and wardrobe. I will also have a knock light to provide lighting.

Things I will also be getting rid of. The shitty plastic bathroom shelves, I will be replacing with metal. Also I will be painting the side of the bathtub white not the crap tastic black that who knows thought was a great idea. I will be then getting rid of the coffee table in the living room and replacing with a light pine coloured one and then also getting rid of a sofa (it needs it) and moving the one on the other side of the room to whenre the dud is currently. I will then move my dinning table and open in out and put it sideways by the window, with a vase of fresh flowers.

I will be painting both the bedrooms a very pale lilac or violet, either way a very pale wash of the colour, I am thinkig for my livingroom a pale wash of ble, all rooms will be trimmed with white (a colour I wouldn't have used were either parents alive.

I will have to wash down the wood in all the rooms with a dilute vinegar water (the cloths will be nearly bone dry) to remove the nicotine that came form both parents smoking, then using beeswax polish to enliven the wood. I think this is me moving on, I think I need to do this.


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