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Communication is cricial

affection, away from sex, is essential

Undermining me by sating you wanna fuck others or watch me fuck others is way off of what i want. either shut it, or get stuff.

When I am scared of a losre guy leaving I will read this and remember that I am an independant and strong woman, with opinions that should be valued by ANY man wishing to become a part of my circle! ( I only have one female friend in RL, all others are Male)

Go with my instincts. When I met Richard My ex I realised he wasn't my type, but he kissed me and abng I was more interested in him all of a sudden. Shoulda listened. Will in the future.

I am an attractive woman. I have attracted people before, I have attracted since. And i attract me too!

Being quiet is not my way of saying something is up. It is my way of saying I am happy in a persons company enough to allow both myself and them to relax.

Belittling me when I am worried (genuinely or not) is not good. I will not stand for it.

Calm people beget a calm Angela!

Pain fades, friends matter.

Making me drama based cause I am scared iof a guys leaving is giving him my personal power.

Fear of leaving? Fuck it they can leave! I'll live, I'll live large!!!

Ignoring the person I am, the things that matter to me, and being self sacrificing are not guarentors of a successful relationship, the are guarentors of a failure, and at least one person being un happy.

I know what i want from a sexual relationship. I know what I want from a straight up relationship. They are not mutually exclusive, and I willl not settle for one or the other. I would rather have less sex thand 3 or 4 times a week make it half that and more affection, consideration and understanding. Than feel like a fuck buddy.

I don't want to be a fuck buddy.

I am a valueable person.

Single does not equal miserable. Single equals being happy enough in ones skin to be choosy about prospective partners!

Drama Begets drama begets drama. I will not participate in it. I am above that. If I am paniked by something it is because I need help understanding it. and therefore I will ask for it.

Who would have thought a shit relationship would have delivered that much info and that much understanding of myself. As I used to say when youngerand didn't realise how true it were. "You gotta get through the shit. to get to the good stuff, and be able to tell the difference."


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