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Apr. 14th, 2011 12:48 pm
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Name: Angela
Birth place: Croydon, Surrey (Suburb of London)
Current Location: Sitting on my bed (being mauled by my moggy)
Eye Color: Green, with brown flecks around the iris
Hair Color: BLONDE (this is why I am on occasion dumb!)
Righty or Lefty: Both. I have cross liberalization of the brain!

Your Fears: Abandonment by those I love, Not being anything enough, Insects and fire,
One Personal Goal: To be happy with myself, with my flaws and the things I like. To not be insecure or worry that I have said too much or too little.

Your most overused phrase: “Okay” and “I Love you” and I know I say “I Love you” because I need to feel loved. Sometimes I don't feel that – even though I am in a relationship and have been 2.5 years.
Your thoughts first waking up:”Motherfrakking alarm” or “Can I get away with more sleep” or “Is it dark still, can I sleep more?”
Your best physical feature: My lips, and my eyes.
Your bedtime: LATE as LATE as I can get away with – I am a night owl!
Your most missed memory: I miss my mummy. Actually I miss my relationship with my mum. I constantly look for it in stupid places. I want that connection, that go to person. I want the person who gets me, appreciates me and gave a damn irrespective of what I did, BACK, RFN!

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
McDonald's or Burger King: Neither. Can I get me a Tuna Sub with most of the veggies though?
Single or Group Dates: I like single dates, I like being able to lose the world and get invested in a conversation. Not that my boyfriend gets this. He thinks when the eating is done, so is the converstation.
Adidas or Nike: If I am slopping about town Nike. At home barefoot – I hate socks and slippers too.
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Don't know these. Just give me a breakfast tea, piping hot with milk and sometimes sugar!
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate, or vanilla with Chocolate syrup, mmmm
Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee – I often need rocket fuel!

Shower: Yes, now what kinda dumb ass question is that. The one you wanna ask is do I bathe – rarely cause I don't have a bathtub – I miss my baths!
Brush your teeth before or after breakfast: After, cause that is when the plaque causing acidity comes about. So says colgate, what can you say – I am a sucker for the advertising
Want to get married: Yes, maybe, sometimes. When I was younger it was a firm yes – partly cause I wanted to escape my homelife (yes I really despised living with my dad that much) now I am so used to being alone that I vacillate a little
Believe in yourself: Sometimes – I am working on this
Get motion sickness: Hahaha. I used to. I used to be bad, and my year 4 teacher refused to believe I would puke up. We got to the end of the journey to whatever trip we were on and she says to me “See I told you no one ever throws up on my trips.” my reply? I threw up on her. She was a bitch of a teacher who always screamed at us, she deserved it.
Think you're a health freak: Not at all. I avoid doctors at all costs – it took pain eualling suicidal ideation to escape it to get me to the docs last time – now I go for fear of having that return. I have suffered depression before but I dunno – I feel groovy now!

Drunk alcohol: Yes, and boy did I learn the lesson of Carbamazepine and tiny amount of champagne at a wedding reception = five trips to the bathroom and inordinate sleepiness.
Gone to the mall: Yes. I had a pedicure and my friend paid for it. My nails are purple now!
Been on stage:Nope – should return there though.
Eaten Sushi: No.
Gone skating: Nope, not since I laughed at my boyfriend (and I was dying with laughter) for going over twice in 2 minutes on the Ice.
Dyed your hair: Not in the past month – tempted if I get a job to do it in the next month though.

Played a stripping game: Nope
Gotten beaten up: Yes, I was beaten up so often in high school that in my final year that I often asked if people were ok and would repeat the question 5 minutes later not knowing I had asked it – yup concussion. Its how when I talk to a doctor about break through facial pain and I describe it as having had someone punched me in my face – I am going by experience!
Changed who you were to fit in: Tried it with boyfriends. Y'know – there really is no point to it.
Had a three-some: Nope, I think given the right person and a whole hell of a lot of trust maybe. I have had the opportunity presented by a couple of guys, and only one would I be in it for. It just happens I am not in a relationship with him, though I have been in the past.
Climbed a mountain: Not that I know of, but climbing shit is my thing
Kissed two people in the same day: Nope
Played tennis: Yes! And I rocked!
Ate a whole bag of Oreos:Nope

Age you're hoping to be married: Que?
How do you want to die: I want to be OOOOLLLLDDD and I want it to be painless and sudden. A bit like my mother!
Best eye color: Don't care!
Best hair color: I used to be attracted to brunettes – now I am attracted to blondes – next it will be redheads. Doesn't this say something?
Short or long hair: short. I like to play with it, and its tactile nature

1 MINUTE AGO: Writing this Meme
1 HOUR AGO: Apparently I think too much cause I was writing this frakking meme then too!
1 YEAR AGO: Unemployed and having just entered a Debt Relief Order – which is similar to a Bankrutcy (It is now discharged and I am thoroughly happy about it!)

I LOVE: my friends, my family, my fandom, my music, books, and reading
I FEAR: being a human fail whale, not being loved.
I FEEL: Anxious, it's kinda default setting when you are waiting for a telephone interview
I HIDE: Nothing these dyas – take of me what you want, but you can't take my sense of self
I NEED: Security and to feel settled and a modicum control over where my life is headed.
I KNOW: There is always something worse than what ever situation I find myself in, and that it is all but a momentary aberration in time
I THINK: I hate waiting for interviews, but that I am a generally likeable person

First piercing: Ears
Last big car ride: Hmm, last time I went a long way it was Oxford, other than that the boy's sister's wedding 8 miles north of Rochester, Kent at a place called Cooling Castle Barn (really gorgeous place!
Last movie seen in theaters: I do not remember, sorry
Last food consumed: Plain brown rolls
Last drink: Shandy
Last text: My boyfriend: talking about a planned 2 night stay somewhere – any – frakking – where!
Last time clothing item bought: A cardigan

I AM: BORED!!! (And a little Anxious)
I SING: All the time – it keeps my depression at bay!
I AM ALWAYS: Breathing (Yes Liz I nicked that one) Over-Analysing
I SPRAY: Chanel No 5 Eau Premier (nicer than the original IMO)

Number: 9
Color: Purple
Day & Time: Late evening
Month: Do not have one
Pizza: Meat Feast pizza from Pizza Hut mmmm mmmm

Cried? Nope
Helped someone? When do I not?
Gotten sick? No
Gone to the movies? No
Talked to an ex? No
Missed an ex? Nope, not at all
Written in a diary? Does an online Journal count as diary?
Had a serious talk? Yes
Hugged anyone? Yes


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