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Lets see, I went to bed overly late last night. I wish I hadn't I woke up at 9.59 I had an appointment for 10.00am oooops. I called and let them know I was going to be there late and they were accomodating one taxi later and I am sitting with the guy who wants to talk about where I am living. If I provide him with evidence

- Death Certificate for my father.

- Letters proving I have been here for the last 1 month, 3 months 6 months and 12 months.

- Letter from my university saying moving would be detrimental to my gaining a degree

- Letter from me saying what I want.

Hopefully I can get all that together. According to the guy I was speaking with I have an 85 to 90%chance of staying where I am for at least 18 months. After which I will be getting my own place privately and I will not deal with shitty councils again, 18 months to 3 years after that I will be starting a mortgage and my own place where or what that will be I will be thinking over it for a while.

I walked out and thought I ought to call my uncle. I was waiting on a phone call about my uncles condition, yesterday he had a stroke, which is due to his cancer. This morning he passed away. It is odd 1 month, 1 day to his brothers passing he did too. they were the closest of brothers and I always respected him. That is just the way it is, I will always remember his giving me the locket I rarely take off. It was the day before my 21st and he and his wife came over, he was excited about the gift he was giving me and asked me to open it before the day so he could see my reaction. Well I was suprised. But I adore it, it is almost a talisman for me. I will miss him greatly.

I went over to one of my other uncles and showed him my laptop, and also taught him some basics, as well as my CV when he began falling asleep I decided to make my exit and called my aunt, who had lost her husband and asked if it was ok to come over, however my cousin was there and had the situation well in hand, I am glad of that, Aunt janet now needs someone to take care of her, she was nothing if not devoted to my uncle.

I went off to Croydon for some mooching about, bought two comic's (Yes I like the visual novel as much as a guy does, I just have no interest in hentai). The comics were Buffy the vampire Slayers' eighth season (written by Joss so it is canon) and I like two facets 1 ZOMBIES!! you can never have too many of them, and 2. Dawn as a giantess. How cool is that!


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